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Bolts is not just another construction company. Our staffs is comprised of experienced, licensed subcontractors, degreed, registered architects and construction professionals to help asses all aspects of the building process and deliver solutions for all your construction, renovation and remodelling needs.

  • Fast Deliverys
  • IKEA Transport
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With a reputation built on offering superior service, experienced team and high quality materials that we use, Bolts is one of the most sought after general contractors in the country today. Commercially licensed, insured and bonded, Bolts is a general contractor that is involved in a wide array of commercial and residential projects within our markets across the United States.

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One needs to understand the entire flooring system to be able to install them without any problems. Bolts help lay the laminate flooring because the installation can make a big difference to make your flooring look good and keep it looking like that for years.

  • Vehicle transportation
  • Big shippings
  • Weight limit
  • Tracking flights
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Наименование лома Цена, руб./кг
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от 50 до 500 кг.
Цена, руб./кг
от 500 кг.
АКБ отработанные 40 45 51
АКБ полипропиленовые 40 45 54
АКБ щелочные Дог.
АКБ эбонитовые 40 42 44
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